Welcome to Takl!

If you’re reading this, that means you’ve signed up through our free mobile app or online. However you found us, we’re thrilled to have you here!

Our goal is to make knocking out your to-do list as easy as possible. While most users find our online and mobile platforms very intuitive, we recommend reading the following guide to help you get the most out of Takl.

Some things to know about Takl.

We have:

What else is there to love about Takl? Too much to list, but we’ll highlight a few.

When you book a chore on Takl, the power of choice is in your hands. You choose the chore, you choose the time, and you choose the Provider.

You can use Takl Rewards to earn credits and save money on future chores. The more you cross off your to-do list, the more you save. The more you save, the more you can get done for less. Win, win, win. Learn more about Takl Rewards.

What all can I do with Takl?

Takl offers over 400 pre-priced chores as well as custom chores. If you’ve got a small job or chore you need done, chances are you can Takl it.

Categories include:

You can also use the Build Your Own Job category to create a custom chore!

What’s the best way to Takl multiple small jobs?

Let’s say you have a long to-do list and need multiple chores or small jobs done. No problem! You can knock multiple chores out with a single appointment. We’ll show you how.

Option 1: Build Your Own Job

Have a chore that’s a bit out of the box, requires specific instructions, or do you just want to take care of several tasks in one go? Build Your Own Job makes it easy to find help for your exact needs.

The Build Your Own Job category offers different chore sizes. Consider the amount of work involved with your request and your budget and choose the size you feel best suits your needs. Once your job is posted, local Providers will have 40 minutes to take the job at your chosen price. If there are no takers after 40 minutes have passed, Providers will have the opportunity to counter-bid with alternate prices. You can then decide to accept or decline the counter-bids.

Option 2: Hourly Help

Takl’s Hourly Help category lets you book a Provider for a set period of time, starting at 1 hour all the way up to 7. Hourly Help is a great way to take care of lots of little things around your home with a single appointment. Takl shows you all prices up front based on the total number of hours, letting you find the total time that works for your needs and budget.

What if what I need done doesn’t fit the description? What do I order?

If, for example, you only need 3 photos hung, instead of 5, you can Build Your Own Job with your chore’s exact specifications or use Hourly Help.

I'd like to order a chore but there's more than what's in the description that I want done. What do I do?

No problem. You can order what you need with a custom chore. You can Build Your Own Job with your chore’s exact specifications or use Hourly Help.

Who is responsible for tools and equipment?

Generally, the customer will supply materials (such as the parts of the furniture requiring assembly or the item to be replaced) and the Provider will bring the tools (hammer, wrench, etc). Providers bring their own cleaning supplies, but if you have your own you would prefer used, you can specify this in your job notes.

How do I contact Takl?

We’re here to help you out! Our support team can be reached 7 days a week. Select the Help icon from your Takl dashboard, or reach out to us at support.takl.com.

Who are Providers?

Providers are background-checked, independent locals ready to assist you with your chores and small jobs. They’re your neighbors, and maybe even someone you know. Providers include military veterans, students, retirees, lifelong handymen, and more. When you choose a Provider, you empower a neighbor to earn money on their schedule. Learn the stories of real Providers on Takl on our Provider Spotlight page.

What’s the advantage of pre-priced chores?

We eliminate guesswork by showing you prices up front. No waiting around for in-person estimates. Because prices vary by region, we use your location or zip code in order to provide accurate pricing information from the start.

Finding the price of your chore is easy. Just select the category you’re interested in and chose the appropriate subcategory from there. You can also enter a keyword, such as “assembly”, into the search bar.

All payments, including tip, are made through the Takl platform. No need to go to the ATM or have cash on hand. The full charge of the chore is not issued until the job is completed. All transaction details will be shown to you before finalizing the payment.

How can I get the best results from my job posting?

We recommend including as much detail about your chore as you can. Here are few things that will help your Provider be as prepared as possible:

How do I upload photos?

Photos show the Provider what to expect and help your job go as smoothly as possible. Pictures are one of the most important communication tools in posting your chore and help Providers come fully prepared, so make sure you take some good shots!

If you are using the app, you will upload photos from your phone through the app platform.

If you are placing your order on the web, you can upload photos by following these steps.

How do I book a job at a different address?

If you are booking online, simply click the Address dropdown menu at the top of the page to change your location.

If booking in the app, after you select your job category, just tap the Address line to select a saved location or enter a new one.

I clicked “Find me Providers!” Now what?

An alert goes out to all available Providers containing the job description and the distance in miles from the Provider’s location. This alert does NOT include any of your personal information. The Provider cannot see your name, address, or contact information at this stage. When Providers have marked themselves available for your chore, you will then choose the Provider you would like.

How do I choose a Provider?

Providers will mark themselves available for your chore and you will select from these options. You can review a Provider’s star rating and bio prior to making your pick.

How do I communicate with my Provider?

You can communicate with your Provider two hours before the chore is scheduled to begin. Takl uses masked phone numbers so that you can communicate securely without sharing your personal contact information.

The Provider will receive the address of the chore site two hours prior to the start time. You will receive an alert when the Provider is on their way and when they arrive. The chore site address disappears after the chore is completed so that your information remains secure.

How do I include additional work during the appointment?

If you have additional work you’d like the Provider to do while on site or your Provider sees another opportunity to help, once you both have agreed on a price, just use the +Add Work button. This will add the extra work and expenses for those chores to your ongoing appointment.

How does the star rating work?

Takl uses a two-way star rating system to ensure the security and comfort of our community members. Rating your Provider helps Takl and other Takl users know who is doing an outstanding job, and if there are any issues that can be improved or corrected. You can rate your Provider’s work on a 5-star scale. Ratings and reviews are anonymous so that you’re free to leave honest feedback.

How do I tip my Provider?

Tips are always optional, but if you feel your Provider has done a good job, you’re welcome to tip them through the Takl platform. All payments, including tip, are made through the Takl platform, making it easy to tip using the payment method you’ve already set up.

When your Provider has completed the chore, you’ll see a screen that asks you to confirm the work is done, followed by a screen to rate your Provider. The optional tip screen follows after the rating step. You can tip any amount you wish up to $25.

How do I add a Provider to Favorites?

Love the work your Provider did? Add them to Favorites to request work directly from them in the future!

Right after the tip screen, the platform will ask if you would like to add your Provider as a Favorite. You can also favorite a Provider after the job has finished. Just visit the My Jobs section of your web or app dashboard, select the completed chore, and favorite the Provider.

How do I schedule a Favorite Provider?

Easy! Go to the Favorites section of you web or app dashboard. Select the Provider you want, then submit your chore from there.