Program Overview*

  • Give 10% Off & Earn $10
  • 1. Download the Takl App.
  • 2. Share your unique promo code with others so they can get 10% off one Takl choreā€‹.
  • 3. Each time someone new uses your code to complete a chore, you get $10.
  • 4. Once a month, Takl will mail you a Big Blue Check.

How It Works

Download the app & sign in.

Start sharing and earn money back as your friends Takl their to-do list.

Tap Settings in the bottom navigation, then select Share.

See your Takl Cash code, then tap the Share button.

Choose text message, email, or your favorite social media channel.

Post your Takl Cash code, save your friends money, and start earning.

Make sure you set your address so we can mail your Big Blue Check.

Get your own Big Blue Check!

*Promotion subject to Takl's Terms of Use.