Provider Spotlight

Takl is the app that revolutionizes the way people get small jobs and chores completed. See how Providers across the country are putting their skills to work with Takl.

Presenting Sean: A Takl Provider Who Can Do It All

Posted: Dec. 18, 2017

From mounting TVs, assembling furniture and home cleaning Sean has literally done it all. He knows the value of hard work and really enjoys helping out his customers. We recently spoke with Sean and he gave us some great insight into what it is like being a top Provider using the Takl platform.

Meet Tillery: Takl Provider With A Strong Work Ethic & A Passion For Helping Others

Posted: Sept. 1, 2017

From an early age, Tillery was working on anything she could. Her parents gave her the opportunity to learn many skills and jobs. With Takl, she can use her experience to help others and make some money in the process.

Meet Nathan: Small Business Owner & Takl Provider

Posted: July 24, 2017

He’s a small business owner with an extensive background in electronics and tech. His experience with flipping houses has given him the ambition to tackle any home improvement projects thrown his way.

Meet Bahadir: Industrial Engineer & Handyman

Posted: June 23, 2017

This month we’re putting the spotlight on Bahadir from Atlanta, GA who has completed over 100 Takl jobs. With over twenty years of handyman experience, Bahadir has a wide range of skills. He has enjoyed putting his skills to work on his own schedule, and making money with the Takl app.

Meet Mike: U.S. Army Veteran & Takl Provider

Posted: May 26, 2017

This month we’re putting the spotlight on Mike, one of our All Star providers from Nashville, TN. With 30 years of military experience serving in various capacities, Mike knows his way around a variety of handyman jobs. Since he joined last August, he’s Takl’d a plethora of jobs and made app users very happy in the process!

Meet Michael: All Star Veteran & Takl Provider

Posted: Nov 7, 2016

We have really enjoyed seeing some incredible providers hard at work over the past few months. They’ve been Takling all sorts of things like housekeeping, small handyman repairs, yard work, and more! In honor of Veteran’s Day, this month’s provider spotlight features Michael. He is a well seasoned veteran and an all star provider.

Provider Andrew Can Takl Just About Anything

Posted: Oct 28, 2016

Since our Nashville launch this summer, we have gotten to know many hardworking providers who get to put their skills to work on their own schedule. They’ve been Takl’ing chores including yard work, small home repairs, hauling away junk, cleaning houses and so much more.

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