Become a Preferred Provider

Providers with outstanding ratings are eligible to participate in Takl’s exclusive Preferred Provider Program! Check out the benefits below.

Takl Preferred Provider

What are the benefits of being a Preferred Provider?

  • Receive notification of jobs 3 minutes earlier than the general Provider pool for any 1st time-customer job order
  • Appear at the top of the Provider list for all general jobs if you are 1 of the first 6 Providers to make yourself available for the job
  • Receive offers for exclusive Preferred Provider-only jobs, where you'll get an opportunity to resolve disputed jobs & other related matters on an as-need basis and receive 100% of the job price for these jobs
  • Receive a badge in your profile indicating your Preferred Provider status

*Participation in the Preferred Provider Program is by invitation only. Terms apply and are subject to change.