People across the country are using Takl every day to have small jobs and chores completed.

Here's what customers have to say about their experiences using Takl.

Setting up the services was super easy. I felt safe and assured with the provider and his service was excellent.

― Katina

Mirror Installation in Franklin

So easy! I heard the ad on the radio, downloaded the app at a stop light, got home and took photos of my chore and 5 minutes later had a handyman booked for the following morning. It was quite amazing!

― Kris

Prompt response, next day service. Kyle was super polite, professional, hard working and efficient. My wife literally just said to me, Wow, that could not have been any easier for us.

― David

Just tried Takl for the first time and everything went perfect. Brandon showed up within 30 minutes. Helped me move some furniture and assemble it. He was nice and professional. Job done in less than 90 minutes after my initial chore set up. I like it and I'll use it again!

― Dave

I was so impressed with the quick response and the ability to book my chore for the very next day! The gentleman who came was so polite and courteous and he did a great job. And the price was right, too! I will definitely be using this app again.

― Kathy

Eddie showed up and was an incredible guy. He set up our table and chairs in no time and I am so thankful for Takl making this happen. What a great experience! Very impressed. Will use this app again. Thanks, thanks, thanks!

― Spencer

Pressure Wash in Nashville

I needed help installing a grab bar in my bath tub. The provider was here within the hour and he did a great job. While he was working I was so happy that I sent another request for him to do a couple of more jobs for me before he left. This is great! Very inexpensive and stuff is getting done!

― Debbie

It was so easy just to send pictures of the weeding job I needed done. Within minutes providers responded and Dan was at my house within half an hour working away on my flower bed. He was very nice and even saved the earthworms for my boys who were heading out to fish. Dan did an amazing job!

― Katie

The work was far above and beyond what I expected. And the price was amazing. The guy was a pure professional. Great first experience with the app!

― William

Fence Staining in San Antonio

My provider was great. Brennan was kind and respectful and did an excellent job. It was easy to pay her and provide a tip as well. I will absolutely book through Takl again and suggest it to friends, family and coworkers! I loved having one solid flat rate and not having to worry if someone would charge excess hours. I priced many cleaning services before trying Takl and am planning to book more regularly.

― Lucy

I can't believe I was able to have someone at my house so quickly to clean. The app was so easy to use, the price was right and the provider was out of this world. I've never had someone do such a great job cleaning my house. I will definitely be using Takl again and I've already given a few recommendations.

― Molly

Discovered it through a commercial. Got my patio pressure washed and sconces installed in a bedroom. My new favorite app.

― Shannon

Light Fixture Installation in Phoenix

This was a very simple process. I needed a painter for my fence. I was able to find one, and he was able to start that same day. The price for the work was fair and I liked that I could add a tip. I will definitely use this again in the future and will recommend this to my friends!

― Jeffrey

Within an hour of submitting my light fixture replacement request on Takl, a provider was in my home getting to work to put up the replacement I raced out on my lunch break to buy. I was able to continue working while he took care of the light. A massive relief! He was professional and the price was reasonable especially for same day service.

― Kaitlyn

My rose garden was overcome with weeds. Super easy to use, super fast response and the work is done perfectly. What a great experience and I'm glad I tried it out.

― Thomas