When you need help with small jobs and deliveries

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Whether you own a small bakery or an enterprise, Takl's Workforce-as-a-Service is the go-to solution for businesses to quickly find nationwide help for a variety of small jobs and services. We have over 60,000 Providers nationwide ready to serve you through the app.

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Takl's network of background-checked Providers take the hassle out of:

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Hourly Help

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Courier Services

How can Takl help your company or small business?

Partnerships - Convenience for Small Business

Takl offers partnerships with small businesses who need recurring services. If you need anything delivered or a handyman for small repairs at multiple offices, just use Takl. We're ready to partner with your business so you can get back to doing what matters most.

Enterprise API - Workforce-as-a-Service

Looking to increase sales while also making your customers' lives easier? The Takl API can help. Our API allows vendors nationwide to seamlessly integrate their systems directly with ours and offer turnkey services. After a customer places an order on your site, Takl can take care of the rest. Our platform will find a Provider to complete the requested service and notify the customer along the way.

How Takl Works

Select a Chore & Time

Takl offers over 400 pre-priced jobs that can be requested Now, or scheuled for a specific time.

Choose a Provider

See who is available for your requested job, then select a Provider. You can even see what type of vehicle they drive.

Accept & Pay

After the work is completed, rate the Provider and pay through the app, no cash or checks needed.

Easily connect your business and customers with thousands of background-checked Providers.

Why Choose Takl?

Help in Hours, Not Days

Takl allows you to have approved help at your home or office the same day for a variety of small jobs and chores.

Upfront Pricing

Say goodbye to estimates. Chores are pre-priced and pre-defined so you know what to expect with each job.

The Takl Guarantee

We want you to have the best experience using Takl. If you aren't satisfied, we'll work with you to make it right.

Have anything delivered to your customers, on their schedule.

With the Takl API, adding scalable delivery and services to your company has never been so easy.

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